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The Lucky Draw Transformers toys are campaign and competition prizes given away to fans by TakaraTomy or Hasbro at no cost to the individual. These toys are primarily Japanese based, and are given away through magazines, DVD offers, at conventions, via shops or even direct through the TakaraTomy website. These Lucky Draw Transformers have their winners choosen at random, hence the name Lucky Draw meaning lucky dip. In 2007 Hasbro US gave away their first lucky draw toy, followed a year later by Hasbro HK and Hasbro UK. The toys are limited in number and proved popular with some collectors.   [Filter Toy List]
1) New pictures of upcoming 3rd Party Products include super-deformed Convoy and Hearts of Steel Starsc
2) Interview with TakaraTomy Marketing Team Producer Noriaki Maeda translated on TFW2005
3) Botcon 2012 Tracks revealed
4) Perfect Effects Lio Convoy and Big Convoy on the way!
5) Feb 2012 issue of Hyper Hobby now available
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Lucky Draw Transformers Toy Review Listings At LuckyDrawTransformers.com