Transformers Micron Legend - Lucky Draw Black Megatron

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Source:TV Magazine, Tobu Department Store
The Lucky Draw Transformers Micron Legend Black Megatron figure (or Black Megatron Super Mode as he should really me known), is one of the Lucky Draw Transformers we like to place in the "forgotten" category. Most Transformers fans know of the gold-chrome and occasional silver chrome Lucky Draw Toys, but many forget about those which are not chromed.

It took us some time to get one of the Black Megatron toys from Micron Legend, it can be very hard to track one down. We're not too sure whym, as they were openly produced in more numbers than the other Micron Legend Lucky Draw Transformers toys, and is probably the first widely documented Lucky Draw toy to be confirmed as also being used in a store Lucky Draw prize campaign.

The toy is very nice, and popular with quiet a few fnas who do not normally like the Lucky Draw Transformers due to their one-colour paint applications.
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