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Source:TV Magazine (Dec 2007)
The December 2007 issue of the Japanese magazine called TV Magazine featured a large giveaway of gold chrome/plastic campaign toys, often referred to as Lucky Draw toys. This draw included three Transformers Movie toys, Voyager Optimus Prime, Protoform Optimus Prime and Protoform Starscream. The protoform Starscream figure was limited to 5 pieces making it one of the rarest lucky draw items.

This gallery, created on the 7th June 2008 was the first time, that we know off, that the figure was reported / shown on the Internet.

6th September 2008 Update:
We have recently purchased this figure from well known Japanese Transformers seller Hydra, and as such have updated the gallery with the first high-resolution images of the toy.
Due to the extremely rare nature of this piece we have, for now, decided not to take the toy out of the packaging. Unlike the boxed Lucky Draw Figures, blister carded toys are much harder to take out of their packaging without damaging it. If we manage to pick up another Lucky Draw Gold Transformers Movie Protoform Starscream then you can be sure that we will free one of them from their "plastic prison". To date this is still the only image gallery of this figure on the internet, and like many of the Lucky Draw figures featured on this website, may well remain that way.

As you can tell by looking at the pictures of this figure, the gold on this figure has been immaculated applied with very few flaws. The figure follows the trend of the other Movie Lucky Draws, in as much as it is packaged in the normal figure packaging, showing that perhaps this will once again be the trend for future TakaraTomy Lucky Draw figures. We feel that the gold chrome helps to enhance the not only the appeal of this particular figure, but also helps to highlight some of the details within the sculpt itself. Having a brown plastic base, also helps to contrast against the gold chrome, and the red plastic eyes seem to be more prominant on this version of the figure.

If you are a fan of the Transformers Movie figures, or Lucky Draws, then this figure is definately for you. There are only four different Transformers Movie Lucky Draw toys that have been released so far, all have been in very limited quantities, and of which Starscream is the only Decepticon. The figures are:
  1. Gold Protoform Optimus Prime (limited to 5)
  2. Gold Protoform Starscream (limited to 5)
  3. Gold Voyager Optimus Prime (limited to 3)
  4. Gold Leader Class Optimus Prime (limited to 10)
This figure is also only the second Lucky Draw Starscream toy produced. The first was the Generations Book: Secret Starscream.

We hope you enjoy this gallery, and if there are any questions or specific photographs that you would like to see added to this gallery, then you can get in touch with us via our Message Board
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