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The Beast Wars Lucky Draw toys are some of the lesser known Lucky Draw Transformers toy on the market. Of the three shows, the two Japanese exclusive shows, Second and Neo, have some of the most well known, but also least well known toys.

Lio Convoy, like many Convoy toys to follow him, was released in several variations of Lucky Draw toy. There is the Black Lio Convoy with silver toes (no to be confussed with Black Lio Convoy with blue toes), a gold toed Black Lio Convoy, Galva-Lio Convoy (black, purple), Gold Lio Convoy and Flash Lio Convoy (a silver/grey).

The quantities of the Gold Lio Convoy remained a mystery for some time, then Might Gaine from The Allspark pointed us to a magazine scan on Elvin Pena's website which clearly shows there were 10 Lio Convoy's given away. We since purchased a copy of the same book, from which we were able to confirm various details regarding the Beast Wars II and Beast Wars Lucky Draw Transformers toys.

There are actually two versions of the Gold Lio Convoy toy, one made of gold plastic and the other of gold chrome paint. We own the first, Tony Preto (Tempting Toys) owns the latter. To date (October 2007) we are unable to determine the reason for the two versions. This is the second Lucky Draw Lio Convoy toy to feature variations (there are also two versions of the Black Lio Convoy figure).
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