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Source:TV Magazine (Dec 2008)
The carded Lucky Draw Transformers Henkei Gold Galvatron featured on this page we purchased from Yahoo Japan in early Jan 2009 and within the same month had heard of two others (one loose one carded) in collectors hands. The toy was part of the TV Magazine December 2008 end-of-year prize draw campaign along with the Gold Henkei Convoy and various other figures from different toy lines. The toys do not normally appear until April of the following year, which leads us to speculate that this is either a carded sample or a fake whilst we know the the loose items were fake versions, though this is still unconfirmed and purely speculation. The figure was set to be limited to five, although the production runs are usually larger than this.

There are some variations between the carded and loose versions (pictured are both, as we purchaed one of each), and you will see that whilst the loose version uses orange plasitc the carded version uses gold palstic (somthing more in-keeping with actual Japanese Prize Draw Figures.

The biggest question mark over the Galvatron's s the colour of the gold chrome, which is much darker and more orange then that used by Takara on their earlier Lucky Draw prize figures. This darker gold was used on other known fake "Lucky Draw" figures.

We have currently decided to keep this figure sealed on the card, which is only the 2nd time we have made that decision for any of our Lucky Draw figures. The first being the Gold Transformers Movie Protoform Starscream toy.
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