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Source:TV Magazine (Dec 2007)

In the December 2007 issue of TV Magazine over 100 chrome gold toys were given away as part of a campaign. These campaign toys are often referred to as Lucky Draw toys, and the Transformers versions of the campaign toys are often refered to as Lucky Draw Transformers toys. This particular TV Magazine end of year campaign featured three Transformers Movie toys re-coloured using gold chrome paint and gold chrome parts. The molds choosen were of Voyager Optimus Prime, Protoform Optimus Prime and Protoform Starscream. The toys were limited to 3, 5 and 5 pieces respectivley, and scans from this magazine can be found in this Transformers toy gallery.

In April 2008 a gold chromed Voyager Optimus Prime was shown to the world, via a seller, and a prospective buyer on TFWorld2005. The buyer was not interested in the toy, as they had not heard of the draw, and the majority of opinion was that the figure was a fake. Some fans suggested that the toy could be a prototype or sample of an upcoming Lucky Draw figure, unaware of the true origin of the figure. At Transformers At The Moon we have a vast interest and knowledge of Lucky Draw Transformers, so we spoke to a few of our contacts in Japan regarding the figure, which is where we learnt of the draw which had been offered in the December 2007 magazine. We decided to contact the seller of the toy, asking information and eventually purchasing the figure from them. We believe that the figure is indeed a legitimate Takara-Tomy produced item, although this could be a sample or concept version of the toy, and not the finalised released version of the figure (which probably would have been shipped in a white box). The seller informed us that the there had been 15 of the toys shipped in Japan, and one which was kept back and he had managed to purchase. It is this figure which was shown in April and the same toy which we now own.

It was the quest for the origin of this figure, as well as other unconfirmed Lucky Draw Transformers, such as the Gold Big Convoy, that prompted us to spend a month, and an awful lot of money, buying back issues of TV Magazine, TV Boy, Hyper Hobby and Comic Bon-Bon, in the hope that we could track down proof of the Lucky Draw Transformers toys, as well as confirm the official numbers the toys were offered in.

On the 6th June we finally received half of the Japanese magazines which we had orders, spanning over ten years (though no-where near a full collection). There is a whole other story about the magazines an how we managed to get them, and the troubles we had getting them shipped, but we won't go into that now. On the 7th June we published the first scans of the draw which showed the gold chromed Voyager Optimus Prime toy, limited to 3.

Since that time we purchase a boxed version of the Gold Transformers Movie Voyager Optimus Prime figure which has proved once and for all that the original toy that we purchased as not a fake, and was indeed a Lucky Draw item.  This boxed version can been seen within the images of contained in this gallery, and if you look close you will notice that the boxed figure is different to the loose one.  The loose figure has a gold chrome front grill, where as the boxed version (which is still sealed), is grey plastic like the normal release of the toy.  Whether this means that the loose toy is a testshot and TakaraTomy planned on issuing the Lucky Draw prize with a gold chrome grill, or whether this is simply another case of a Lucky Draw variant, time will time as we will need to wait until we see a third figure to be able to say for sure.

This gallery contains images of both a loose and boxed version of the gold chrome Transformers Movie Voyager Optimus Prime figure.  As mentioned above, we were originally purchased the loose toy we were not 100% sure on the exact nature of that figure, a little like the Gold Big Convoy toy we own.  We decided to purchase the loose toy due to our fascination with the campaign Transformers and felt that only by purchasing the toy could we learn more about the piece.  Since that time we have purchased two copies of the magazine from which the prize draw was run (along with another 170 odd back issues) as well as a boxed version of the figure from the Japanese seller Hydra.

This Lucky Draw was the first time we had purchased the Transformers Movie Voyager Optimus Prime toy mold, used in Robo-Vision Optimus Prime and the G1 Coloured Optimus Prime Transformers Movie toys. This in itself wwas additional reasoning for us to buy the toy, as we did not have the original versions. The figure is pretty nice, it features quiet a bit of articulation, a nice truck and robot form, with a well constructed and not too simple a transformation. The toy itelf appears to be made of two base colours, grey and red, with blue clear plasitc parts for the lights and robots eyes. It's the first time that we've seen "beneath the chrome" of a chromed Transformers toy, where the original toys colour has been kept. It is this which bought into question the legitimacy of the figure. It is also this same reason which could indicate that this figure (the loose version) may actually be a testshot / sample and not a fully finished item. The boxed version of the toy, however, is a good example of how the final items were shipped.  What is interesting about the boxed figure is the variation on the toy as well as showing that TakaraTomy have gone back to using the normal toy release boxes for Lucky Draw as oppose to the all white boxes that they have been using for the last few years.  As we have not opened the box, the only variation we have spotted thus far is the replacement of the godl chrome grill with a original grey plastic version.

The toy is made from the same gold chrome paint used on other Lucky Draw Transformers, other than Primus (God Primus) who is made from a different shade of gold. The figure looks really nice in both vehicle and robot form, although many fans do not like the all-gold-look.

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