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Lio Convoy's spark was breifly transformed into a Destron after becoming corrupted by the power of the Angolmois energy. According to the Beast Wars II Manga, the lifeforce of Planet Gaea reflected off the moon and resonated with Lio Convoy's Energon Matrix, helping to purify his spark and revert back to a Cybertron.

Galva-Lio Convoy, or Galvatron Lio Convoy as he was called in the December 1998 Comic Bom-Bom magazine competition in which he was a prize, is a Black Lio Convoy toy coloured with the Beast Wars II Galvatron colour scheme (which was basically purple).

Lio Convoy and Galvatron were the only 2 new molds used in the Beast Wars II line, which also featured the unused molds of Autojetter and Autolauncher.

Galva-Lio Convoy is limited to 50, which is considerably more than the other Beast Wars and Beast Wars II Lucky Draw toys, however as with all Lucky Draw Transformers of this age he is still hard to find.

We bought our Galva-Lio Convoy in 2005 and before that we had only seen one picture of the toy - and stories of it's existence. Since we bought our Galva-Lio Convoy we have seen one other appear on an auction site, have been offered another toy and have seen a third sold (so we know of four sales in a year). There have since been an additional one or two sales on American auction websites.
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