Transformers Henkei - Gold Convoy (fake lucky draw)

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Source:TV Magazine (Dec 2008)
The Transformers Henkei Gold Convoy featured on this page was originally purchased in 2008, just after the TV Magazine end of year prize draw campaign was advertised. The figure is one of three different Gold Henkei Convoy's purchased, and later sold, by well known Optimus Prime and Convoy collector Ultra Convoy.

This figure is a fake Lucky Draw and is not the actual gold Henkei Convoy Lucky Draw produced for TV Magazine by TakaraTomy. The real version has Cybertron (Autobot) insignia on the shoulders.

The origial fake gold Henkei figures that turned up had slight variations. These included one with gold wheels, whereas the other two figures (one boxed one loose) which Ultra Convoy owned featured black plastic wheels. Other noted differences on with the toys were a a lack of Cybertron or Destron symbol on the left arm. Both other Gold Convoy's and our Silver Convoy have the Destron logo underneath the chrome which indicates that they are chromed over SDCC Nemesis Prime figures. The third noted difference is that this Gold Henkei Convoy heas red eyes rather than blue, indicating that this figure is made from the BotCon Shattered Glass Optimus Prime mold - the only version to feature red eyes.

We originally listed these toys are testshots as we were unable to prove that they were fake, however after purchasing some known fakes of other chrome toys directly from sellers in Hong Kong we were able to confirm that these figures were fake along with silver toys and many other gold items.

In December 2009, Ultra Convoy posted images on TFormers of another gold Henkei Convoy. This figure was different to the previous figures in as much as it had Autobot insignia on the shoulders. The article on TFormers by Ultra Convoy stated that he bought the figure from The authenticity of this toy is still very much in question and at the time of this update (Jan 2010) the item should also be considered as a fake.

Thanks to Ultra Convoy for helping to highlight the molding differences of the original figures that turned up.

If you see a Gold Henkei figure for sale looking like the toy shown within this gallery it will be a fake. If we managed to pick up an official release we will create a second toy gallery dedicated to that actual figure so that you can compare the differences yourself.
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