Japanese Beast Wars - Lucky Draw Blue Convoy

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Source:Comic Bom Bom Magazine
In 1998 Bom-Bom Magazine gave away 30 blue re-colours of the Beast Wars Convoy ape toy (Optimus Primal). The toy featured in many of the Prize Draw campaigns of this year, featuring many different colour schemes, such as gold, blue and red (different to Burning Convoy). The reasons for the colour scheme are so far unknown.

There are two known packaging variations of the Blue Convoy toy. One has a sticker, commemorating sales of over 20,000,000 Beast Wars figures. This is the same sticker which can be found on the grey Convoy toy. The reaons behing the variation are unknown at this tim, although it is believed that as Blue Convoy was one of the first Lucky Draw toys, Takara may well have just used what ever Beast Convoy boxes they had at the time.
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