Beast Wars II - Lucky Draw Black Lio Convoy - Bom-Bom Magazine Exclusive

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The Bom-Bom Magazine Lucky Draw Black Lio Convoy is limited to 10 toys in the world and features blue claws. The way to identify this figure from the Tys R US Blue Claw version is by looking on the backside (bottom) of the toys robot mode to see if it has thw numbers BL00 to BL09 written on it in white writing. If it does then it is the Bom-Bom Magazine Lucky Draw toy, if not then it is just the regular Toys R Us version.

There is also a Gold Clawed version of the Black Lio Convoy toy, which we are not sure of the origin. It comes in a Toys R Us box, so could be from a store campaign from that line of shops. It is not clear on how many toys were produced with Gold claws (we know of only two). A rumoured third version, Silver Claws, may also be available, yet we are still waiting to see photographic or documented proof of it's existence.
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