Transformers Revenge - Family Mart Campaign Clear Optimus Prime

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This figure was released in Japan as part of the Family Mart Transformers Revenge (Revenge of the Fallen in the West) store campaign. The official number of toys produced is not yet known, but it is believed that 2,000 of the Family Mart stores took part in the campaign, with each of these stores giving away 2 Leader Class clear Optimus Prime figures. We picked up this figure with an almost complete set of Family Mart toys in the Autumn of 2010 for less than many people were paying just for this figure.

We were going to ignore as many of the Revenge of the Fallen figures as we could, due to space and monetary reasons, but as collectors of the Japanese campaign figures we decided to pick up this figure as the only other leader class RotF toy we are interested in is the elusive gold Lucky Draw version.

The figure is actually a massive improvement on the original live action movie toy, IMO, with both better vehicle and robot modes.

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