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White Moon is the most mass produced Lucky Draw Transformer toy, limited to 2000. Moon was one of the "hosts" of the Beast Wars II (Beast Wars Second) cartoon show, along with Artemis (a kind of robotic girl - who is loud and obnoxious)

The toy was given away by TV Magazine (like most of the Lucky Draw toys) and came in a white box (which was much smaller than most of the Lucky Draw toys).

Considering how many of these toys were produced, you don't see too many of them these days .. in fact you don't see any at all. A few years after the toy was released it appeared on auction sites quiet regularly, although the prices were much higher than they should have been for this toy (hence why we do not own one).

Another reason for the lack of web coverage on this toy could simply be that the majority of Transformers fans do not like the original Moon toy (as it is very basic), and Beast Wars II was one of those lines that did not prove overly popular with everyone.
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