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Lucky Draw Transformers is the only resource dedicated to the limited campaign prize Transformers toys known as Lucky Draw figures. These rare toys are given away by magazines, dvd promotions and conventions by TakaraTomy and Hasbro. The figures are limited in number and are often finished in chrome gold or silver paints.
Japanese Beast Wars - Lucky Draw Gold Megatron
Japanese Beast Wars - Lucky Draw Gold Megatron
Not that much is known about the Lucky Draw Gold Megatron other than he is a rare piece and one of the earliest 1990 Lucky Draw Figures. ... View
Transformers Movie - Lucky Draw - Gold Voyager Class Optimus Prime
Transformers Movie - Lucky Draw - Gold Voyager Class Optimus Prime

In the December 2007 issue of TV Magazine over 100 chrome gold toys were given away as part of a campaign. These campaign toys are often referred to as Lucky Draw toys, and the Transformers versions of the campaign toys are often refered to as Lucky Draw Transformers toys. This particular TV Magazine end of year campaign featured three Transformers Movie toys re-coloured using gold chrome paint and gold chrome parts. The molds choosen were of Voyager Optimus Prime, Protoform Optimus Prime and Protoform Starscream. The toys were limited to 3, 5 and 5 pieces respectivley, and scans from this magazine can be found in this Transformers toy gallery.

In April 2008 a gold chromed Voyager Optimus Prime was shown to the world, via a seller, and a prospective buyer on TFWorld2005. The buyer was not interested in the toy, as they had not heard of the draw, and the majority of opinion was that the figure was a fake. Some fans suggested that the toy could be a prototype or sample of an upcoming Lucky Draw figure, unaware of the true origin of the figure. At Transformers At The Moon we have a vast interest and knowledge of Lucky Draw Transformers, so we spoke to a few of our contacts in Japan regarding the figure, which is where we learnt of the draw which had been offered in the December 2007 magazine. We decided to contact the seller of the toy, asking information and eventually purchasing the figure from them. We believe that the figure is indeed a legitimate Takara-Tomy produced item, although this could be a sample or concept version of the toy, and not the finalised released version of the figure (which probably would have been shipped in a white box). The seller informed us that the there had been 15 of the toys shipped in Japan, and one which was kept back and he had managed to purchase. It is this figure which was shown in April and the same toy which we now own.

It was the quest for the origin of this figure, as well as other unconfirmed Lucky Draw Transformers, such

... View
Transformers Movie - TV Magazine Lucky Draw  - Gold Protoform Starscream
Transformers Movie - TV Magazine Lucky Draw - Gold Protoform Starscream
The December 2007 issue of the Japanese magazine called TV Magazine featured a large giveaway of gold chrome/plastic campaign toys, often referred to as Lucky Draw ... View
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