Transformers Animated Episode 38
Episode 38 of Transformers Animated was titled "Human Error - Part 2" and follows on from the previous episode. In this episode we see the introduction of Ratbat, the official naming of Snarl (with a joke), the return of Wreck-Gar, another appearance by Scrapper and an appearance by Electro-Static Soundwave (Soundblaster). The episode first aired within American on Saturday 26th April 2009 .

The episode starts out in Soundwave's virtual world where the Autobots are struggling to regain control of their bodies. Soundwave eventually overpowers them turning them back into their alternative human forms. Meanwhile in the real world Soundwave starts phase two of his plan and starts taking control of all of the Soundwave toys, using them to use mind control on their human owners.

Back in the virtual world the Automen decide that the best way out of the virtual world is to find the representation of Soundwave in the virtual world - which just happens to be a black version of him. Back in the real world Sari has returned back to Sumdac Tower to inform her father of Soundwave's plan, only to find Issac Sumdac under the mind control of her enemy. Back in the virtual world the Automen struggle to drive their vehicle forms, but eventually catch up with the Black Soundwave. Closing in on the car they notice that they become surrounded by more black Soundwave's before the real Soundwave appears on the screen. Using his keyboard guitar here finalises his reprogramming command gaining control of the Autobots.

Back in the real world we jump to Dinobot Island where Sari tries to enlist the help of Grimlock and the Dinobots, to no avail. She then notices that one of them is missing, and Grimlock replies that the missing Dinobot has been made a pet. We soon find out by who, it's Scrapper (who's making a note that he's been washed up on the island - in a spoof of the Castaway movie). He has trained, and named, the Dinobot Triceratops as Snarl - joking that he was going to call him Slag, but the Dinobot didn't like it. Sari convinces the pair to help her out and Scrapper soon builds s raft and they head to the city. As they get half way through Wreck-Gar suddenly appears, joining Sari's rag-tag wanna-be-heroes.

As the "new Autobots" arrive in Detroit City and find Soundwave, the original Autobots appear and start to attack. At first the fight goes well, then the New Autobot's start to suffer, as they are not use to working as a team. Sari decides their best strategy is to attack individually, in order to distract Soundwave, a tactic which works fine until the Decepticon send Optimus Prime into battle.
With Optimus taking out Scrapper, Slag and Wreck-Gar, he turns his attention to Sari. As he swipes his axe to finish the job Prowl jumps in the way saving the techno-organic teenager. It turns out Prowl's been playing possum, using his processor-over-matter technique (again).

Prime snaps out of the mind control and Soundwave responses by unleashing Ratbat. As a fight ensues between Prowl and Ratbat, Prime and Soundwave, Prime grabs Laserbeak whilst Soundwave grabs Ratbat and the pair battle it out using music. Laserbeak ends up being more powerful and prime then uses the guitar as an axe and cuts Soundwave in two.

With Soundwave destroyed the small Soundwave toys return to normal and the humans are freed from their mind control. Sari discovers a small tapedeck (in Soundwave colours) which is quickly whisked away by Laserbeak. With the battle over Scrapper and Snarl head off whilst Wreck-Gar cleans up (and then distributes) all of the garbage around the city.

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