Transformers Animated Episode 37
Episode 37 of Transformers Animated was titled "Human Error - Part 1" and featured the return of Soundawave and the introduction of Laserbeak. The episode first aired within American on Saturday 18th April 2009 .

Human Error Part One starts off by setting the scene. It's Christmas and Porter C Powell is selling Soundwave toys, much to the disgust of Professor Issac Sumdac and Optimus Prime. Optimus has become obsessed with Soundwave, fearing a repeat of an earlier episode, though thhese toys appear to be simply action figures from China. Back at the Autobot base a now teenage Sari (with freaky eyes) is explaining Christmas to the Autobots. They all sit around a fire and drink Oil-Nog Sari has made, which is then tampered with by one of the Soundwave toys. After consuming the liquid the Autobot's feel tired and go off to get some time in status. When they awake they are shocked to find themselves in human forms (based on the G1 episode Only Human). Not understanding what has gone on the Auto-Humans decided to head to Sumdac Towers to see if they can find any answers. Meanwhile Issac Sumdac gives Sari her prescents, a new Soundwave toy and a scooter which can transform into a jetpack.

On their way to Sumdac Tower the Autobot's stop off at Burger-Bot for a comical scene. They then continue their say to the tower when they are interrupted by the cries for help from a mother in a burning building. As the human Autobot's help out Prowl performs an impossible leap out of the top story window, landing unharmed on the snow outside. Meanwhile Sari has gone to the Autobot's base to try to find them, but of cause they are no-where to be seen.

As the Autobot's make their way to the tower they are attacked by the Decepticon's, including a small cameo by Strika and Spittor. Optimus breaks his leg, Prowl his arm and the group are forced to ride the bus to Sumdac tower. Suddenly the skies darken and Cybertron appears, latching onto the Earth Megatron emerges from the other planet along with other Decepticons and prepare to attack. It's at this point that Optimus realises that something is wrong and that this cannot be real. He stands on his broken leg adn the Autobot's attack, defeating the Decepticons. They then work out that their forms are not real, and so by realising that (and by making a transforming sound) they are able to return back to their true forms.
br /> Meanwhile Sari discovers a secret basement in the Autobot base which leads down a small room where the fully grown Soundwave has the Autobot's wired up to a virtual machine. He has trapped them in a virtual world.

Sari goes to help her friends but Soundwave calls on Laserbeak, his newly modified guitar, to perform a sonic attack on here. Sari is forced to flee whilst Soundwave changes to a keyboard to enter the final phase of his plan, to reprogram the Autobot's as Decepticons.

The episode ends there, as it's a two parter, so you'll need to check back next week to see what happens.

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