Transformers Animated Episode 35
Episode 35 of Transformers Animated was titled "Five Servos of Doom" and featured the return of Lockdown as well as the introduction of two new background characters in Warpath (voice by David Kaye) and Yoketron (voice George Takei). The episode first aired within American on Saturday 4th April 2009 but was uploaded onto the internet by Cartoon Network on the 26th/27th March 2009.

The epsiode focuses on Prowl and the Cyber-Ninja training.

The episode starts out on Earth, following on from the last episode with the Elite Guard still there. Prowl and Sentinal are tracking down a Decepticon. As the Autobots close in it appears that Sentinal Prime has captured the orange Starscream clone (Sunstorm) on his own, much to the suprise of the other Autobots. The Decepticon is taken back to the Elite Guard shuttle where we discover that Sentinal Prime has been busy, capturing Swindle and Blitzwnig on his own. Whilst Jetfire and Jetstorm seem impresssed, Optimus smells a rat.

Elsewhere Prowl is searching through the Autobot computers to find a helmet he saw on a shadowy figure just before the Starscream clone was captured. He realises that the helmet is from his old master, Yoketron. Prowl then has a flash back (showing Warpath and his old Ninja Master). The ninjas explains to Jazz that he believes their old master is not only alive, but on Earth. At this point Sentinal Prime heads out and the pair decide to follow him. During which we get another flash back to Prowl's early training sessions. As we jump back to modern day it appears Sentinal is on a role, and has captured Lugnut. Prowl notices that something doesn't look right, and has another flashback to when Yoketron reveals the main mission of the Cyber-ninja's, to protect a stash of Protoforms. Prowl is asked to try a mind over matter technique, which he fails to do so before we jump back to present day. Sentinal Prime receives a messae and heads out, once again followed by Prowl. This time the Ninja-bot discovers the truth, Sentinal Prime has enlisted the help of the Bounty Hunter Lockdown. Lockdown has Yoketron's helmet, and we then gain another quick flashback to the death of Yoketron (killed by an old pupil), before the Starscream clone captured by Lockdown (Ramjet) reveals that he has paid off Lockdown and the pair attcak and look to escape.

After a short battle Lockdown leaves for his ship with Prowl his prisoner. As Lockdown talks and explains a few things, Prowl finally masters the "processor over matter" technique and escapes. In the process he picks up his sidecar / samurai modifications and escapes from Lockdown. In the process the /Autobot's manage to capture the white Decepticon clone, although Lockdown escapes.

At the end of the episode Cliffjumpe rradio's back from Cybertron to explain that Magnus was attacked and that his hammer is missing. Prowl is given credit for capturing all of the Decepticons and Sentinal Prime is ordered back to Cybertron. The final scenes see Prowl pruning his tree in his new Samurai gear, with Jazz giving his approval.

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