Transformers Animated Episode 33
Episode 33 of Transformers Animated was first shown in the US and Canada on Saturday 21th March 2009. The episode introduced one new character as well as featured a few other guest characters from previous seasons.

Episode Summary - Three's a crowd

Three's a crowd starts off in the lab in Sumdac towers, where Professor Sumdac and Bulkhead are trying to rebuild the Space Bridge and the plasma dynamic thrustor. Issac Sumdac reveals that he has reversed the Decepticon damping field, now allowing the Autobot's to track their foe. The scene jumps to Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and Prowl, who are tracking Lugnut in the city. We then jump back to the lab when Bulkhead accidently makes a whole in the floor at the top of Sumdac tower. Part of the spacebridge, with the Allspark fragment, a Headmaster unit and a forklift all fall into the hole, along with the professor - who is saved by Bulkhead.

Whilst Professor Sumdac catches up on some rest, Bulkhead goes off to locate some structural experts in the form of his old pals Mixmaster and Scrapper. Bulkhead finds the two Constructicon's working in a factory, drinking oil, and manages to get them to agree to help him fix the hole in Sumdac tower. Whilst hauling up the parts which fell into the hole they discover that the Allspark fragment, the Headmaster unit and the forklift have combined and created a new Transformer, Dirt Boss.
Whilst Dirt Boss complains about "working for The Man", the scene jumps back to Lugnut and the other Autobots, who continue to fight. Dirt Boss reveals that he plans to take back part of the city they they helped to build by protecting the oil. The three Constructicon's start their rampage by attacking an oil transport. Bulkhead tries to stop them but fails, and the thrio go on a rampage stealing all of the oil in the city.

We jump back to the other Autobot's who are struggling to pull Lugnut out of a hole. We then jump back to Bulkhead and Issac Sumdac, where Bulkhead explains his plan to Issac Sumdac (before Dirt Boss explains his new plan to take over distribution of oil to the city. Bulkhead then attempts to stop the three Constructicons, but is once again defeated by Mixmaster.

We then jump to Fossil Fule (which uses a sign shaped like G1 Sludge), where Dirt Boss orders Mixmaster to take Bulkhead offline. The pair fight, during which Bulkhead opens his com, so the other Autobots can detect where he is. Dirt Boss then injects one of this Headmaster mind-control devices into Bulkhead. Dirt boss orders Bulkhead to set fire to the refinery, sacrificing Mixmaster to their cause. As the Constructicon's continue their plans the Autobots turn up and are then attacked by Bulkhead, who it still under the control of Dirt Boss.

A fight ensues between the Autobots and the Constructicons before a spark ignites the oil and starts to burn down the refinery. As the Autobots attempt to put out the fire, Professor Sumdac comes up with an idea to use the Plasma Dynamic thruster to transport the oil-fire Oil refinery, and the Constructicon's, to somewhere safe, and out of the city, where it explodes.

The episode ends with Lugnut and the white Starscream clone (known as Ramjet by fans) flying off.

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