Transformers Animated Episode 30, 31 and 32
Episode 30, 31 and 32 of Transformers Animated was shown in the US and Canada on the 14th of March 2009 and is titled Transwarped. Oh and an Autobot dies in this episode.

Episode Summary The episode starts in space with a fight between the two new groups of Autobots and Decepticons, Rodimus, Ironhide, Brawn, Red Alert and Hot Shot agains Stryka, Cyclonus, Spittor, Oil Slick and Blackout. During the fight Ultra Magnus is contacted by Rodimus and later by Longarm Prime, informing him of the recent Decepticon activities. During the battle the Autobots are defeated and Hot Shot looses a leg, after which Stryka contacts Shockwave and informs him that Megatron has not yet arrived.

We then jump to another part of space where Megatron and Starscream are still arguing, until they stumble across a deactivate Omega Supreme. Megatron then starts to plot to use Omega for himself.

We jump again, this time to Earth, where Sari and Issac Sumdac are arguing about her true identity. Issac Sumdac explains that he did not create Sari but found her as a protoform (altough this isn't actually confirmed until later in the show). As the pair arrive at Sumdac towers and confront, and fire, Porter C Powell and Henry Masterson, Sari's new power is unleashed when he gets angry. Sari moves out to live with the Autobots and whilst being repaired by Ratchet, the medical bot has the first of several flashbacks.

We jump again to another part of space to find Blurr and two of the Starscream clones, Thundercracker and Skywarp. After a short fight Blurr ends up running across space back to Cybertron (which is totally rediculous). We jump back to Earth where Henry Masterson discovers the Headmaster unit and Starscream's old body before jumping back to Megatron and Starscream, now aboard Omega Supreme. Megatron tricks Omega into transforming and transwarping off to find Cybertron. As we jump back to Earth we see Bumblebee and Bulkhead looking for Spacebridge parts, before Bumblebee accidently transwarps just prior to Bulkhead being attacked by the Headmaster unit, on Starcream's body.

The scene jumps again back to Sumdac Towers where Optimus tries to get Sari and Issac to talk, by arrangin a meeting between the pair without Sari knowing. Whilst Prime tries to get the two Sumdac's back on speaking terms, Ratchet has another flash back to the past when he was fixing Arcee. As Sari and Issac meet at Sari's favorite burger joint, the Headmaster attacks. Prime eventually defeats him, although does struggle to do so for quiet a while. With Sari and Issac back talking Prowl annouces that he has discovered they Sari is part Cybertronian. Meanwhile Megatron and Starscream take control of Omega Supreme, and just in time as they are attacked by some transforming astroids - based on the Rocklords. Bumblebee then transwarps in, as the Decepticons transwarp out, and is eatern by one of the creatures.

During this time Blurr arrives back on Cybertron and informs Longarm Prime that there is a traitor in the Autobots who isn't Wasp. Longarm then attacks the fast Autobot, who flees into some tunnels. Unfortunatley he then gets trapped and Longarm Prime closes in the walls crushing Blurr to death.

Back on Earth Ratchet has another flash back to the creation of Omega Supreme, where we are introduced to Perceptor (who's voice is based on Steven Hawkins, which we think will upset and enrage a few people). Bulkhead then works out that Bumblbebee must have transwarped off the planet and managed to bring him back .. unfortunatley the Rocklord comes with him and starts to destroy the city. As the Autobots chase after the Rocklord, Prime orders Sari to stay behind, which really upsets her. She decides to use the Allspark Key on herself to give her an upgrade (obviously not learning from Bumblebee or Prowl from earlier episodes), and is transformed into a fully robotic version of herself. As the Autobots battle the Rock Lord, Sari turns up and defeats the creature on her own After the fight Sari looses control of her powers and starts attacking everyone and everything around her. Bumblebee is badly injured, almost going off line, and the other Autobots chase after Sari trying to stop her.
As Ratchet works on Bumblebee he has another flash back to when he had to take Omega Supreme offline. The Autobots eventually catch up and defeat Sari, although she appears to be more powerful then they imagined. Ratchet finally manages to save Bumblebee, although he needs more work done on him back at the Autobot's base.

The scene jumps back to Cybertron and the Autobot base (looking like Metroplex). Longarm Prime turns up with the compacted remains of Blurr, which he hands to Cliffjumper to dispatch off. He then changes into Shockwave and is contacted by Megatron. Megatron then orders the other Decepticons to standdown as he will take care of the Autobot's on Earth in order to protect Shockwave's true identity. With Sari defeated and resting the Autobots head outside their base only to see Omega Supreme return. Their happiness to see their fallen comrade doesn't last that long as he soon attacks them, transforming into his robot mode revealing that Megatron now has command of the Autobot's Guardian Robot. As the Autobot's struggle to defeat Omega Supreme, Prowl decides that the best cause of action is to attack from within, so he and Optimus Prime head into Omega whilst Bulkhead and Bumblebee act as a distraction.

Inside Omega Prowl activates the giant Autobot's spark chamber, where he fights and defeats Megarton on an "astro plain", to take control of Omega Supreme. Starscream them deafeats Prowl and takes over Omega himself, as Optimus and Megatron fight it out. Ratchet finally turns up and talk to Omega Supreme, getting through to his old friend. Omega transforms and flies off, with Starscream and Megatron still inside. Bulkhead comes up with an idea to put part of the Spacebridge into Omega, to force him to continually transwarp throughout space, stopping him from getting to Cybertron.

With Omega gone the Autobot's return to Sari, who has now changed into a teenager (to fit in with the Ben 10 series) and sports shorter hair and larger pupils in her eyes. We then jump back to Cybertron where the Autobot council annouce that there is a spy in the Autobot ranks. Longarm Prime annouces him as Wasp, who recently escaped from prison. He also arranges for all communications with Optimus Prime's team will go through him - in order to keep his true identity a secret.

The episode ends with Omega Supreme turning up on Cybretron with Megatron and Starscream's head onboard, only to Transwarp away and continue to jump across the galaxy.

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1) New pictures of upcoming 3rd Party Products include super-deformed Convoy and Hearts of Steel Starsc
2) Interview with TakaraTomy Marketing Team Producer Noriaki Maeda translated on TFW2005
3) Botcon 2012 Tracks revealed
4) Perfect Effects Lio Convoy and Big Convoy on the way!
5) Feb 2012 issue of Hyper Hobby now available
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