Transformers Animated Episode 22
Episode 22 first aired in Dubai and was then followed a few weeks later with a showing on YTV in Canada, on the 17th May 2008. The episode was the debut of the Constructicons, Mixmaster and Scrapper, as they are created on Earth due to another Allspark fragment.

Episode Summary The episode starts out with the Autobots fixing one of Detroit's over-passes, which was damaged during the battle between the Autobots and Decepticons several episodes earlier. Whilst the Autobots repair the road, Blitzwing and Lugnut are spotted trying away construction material. Bumblebee and Ratchet try to stop them, but the two Decepticons transform and fly off. As day turns to night, the Autobots return home, leaving Bulkhead behind, as he has got himself stuck in some cement. The scene then jumps to two construction vehicles which are bought to life due to some Allspark fragments which are inside of them (there is no explanation as to what triggers the occurance). As the two newly sentient vehciles struggle to name themselves, deciding on Mixmaster (abbreviated to Mix) and Scrap (elongated to Scrapper), they suddenly transform, much to their suprise. The pair decide that they should go and build something, but are distracted by a sleaky sports car which drives past (in a joke which was originally used in Transformers Car Robots / Robots in Disguise). The pair chase after the car, believing it to be sentient, when they spot Bulkhead in trouble. The been green machine is about to be impailed by some steel girders. The two construction vehciles transform and save Bulkhead, who doesn't know what to make of them. Mixmaster decides that it's time for an oil break, and the three go off to drink some crude oil from an oil transport ship As Bulkhead, Mixmaster and Scrapper start to get to know each over, Bulkhead invites them back to the Autobot base, so they can meet Optimus Prime and the others. Unfortunatley the other Autobots are not so keen on the two new robots as Bulkhead, as the pair are loud, crued and not very refined (just like their oil). Mix and Scrap leave the Autobots base, followed by Bulkhead, who is stopped by Optimus. During this time Sari's hair is cut, and she explains "it won't gow back over night", though you can bet by next week here hair will be back as normal.

The scene jumps to the next day, with Blitzwing and Bulkhead lugging more construction materials up a hill in the road. Blitzwing slips and slides back down the road, only to be saved by Mixmaster. When Lugnut confrunts them about who they are, Scrapper replie Autobots, changing it to Constructibots. Eventually Blitzwing makes a deal with them to take them back to the Decepticon base, if the two larger robots haul the heavy load for them.

Outside of their mountain base, the two Constructibots meet Megatron for the first time, who shows them his plans for the Space Bridge. Mixmaster explains that they do not have enough parts to build the bridge, so Megatron ask them to get him more supplies. The scene then jumps again to some of the Detroit Police Departments police-bots chasing the two Constructibots, but are soon intercepted by Bulkhead. Bulkhead questions Mixmaster and Scrapper about what is going on, they tell him that they are now working for the Decepticons, although Bulkhead convinces them that Megatron has been lying to them. Angry and Megatron's deception, Mixmaster and Scrapper transform and head towards the Decepticon base, leaving Bulkhead behind. When they get their they confront Megatron, who tells them that they have been oppressed. Not sure what to believe the Construticons, as Megatron dubs them, decide to work for the group of robots with the best oil .... the Decepticons.

The next time we see the Constructicons they turn up on the Autobot's door step, informing Bulkhead that they have chosen to work for Megatron, and that they are after the Allspark fragments. After a short fight, Bulkhead hands over the Allspark fragments in order to save Bumblebee. However the green Autobot has a plan, and offers the two Constructicons a final drink of oil. As the pair walk off, Prime is flabbagasted as to why Bulkhead handed over the Allspark fragments to easily. Bulkhead tells them not to worry, and we soon find out why, as the Oil the Constructicon's consumed explodes inside of them. As the Autobots take back the Allspark fragments, the Constructicons get to their feet (with the Autobots suprised they survived), but have no lost their memories of previous events. Bulkhead is furious at the pair, and swings his wrecking ball around. Scared and unsure what is going on, Mixmaster and Scrapper retreat into the distance, and the episode ends.

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