Transformers Animated Episode 11
On the 1st March 2008 Transformers Animated episode 11, Lost and Found, first aired in the US. The episode featured the Decepticon's Blitzwing and Lugnut making their way to Earth in search of Megatron. Once they arrive on Earth, Megatron contacts Lugnut and orders him and Blitzwing to chase down the Allspark.

Here you will find over 200 images from the episode along with a guide.

Episode 11 - Lost and Found
The episode begins on the moon where Blitzwing and Lugnut have discovered Megatron's ship. Bltzwing also mentions that this is near to where they lost contact with Lockdown, who by the sounds of things Lugnut does not like. Lugnut explains that he believes in inly two things, that the Decepticons will rule Cybertron and that Megatron will rule the Decepticons. His goal is simple, find Megatron, re-instate him as leader, and take back Cybertron. The two Decepticon's decide to go to Earth to look for Megatron.

Over on the Earth Sari is enjoying a game of street hockey with the Autobots, other than Ratchet who is trying to sleep. As they play, Ratchet voices his objection to Sari's continued abuse of the power granted to her Allspark key (for the second episode in a row). As the pair argue two unidentified objects fly above them, crashing in a building site. It's the two Decepticons from earlier.

When Blitzwing and Lugnut arrive on the Earth they immediately start to cause chaos, destroying the construction site they are in. There is a nice nod to the Generation One cartoon with the construction workers looking like Spike and Sparkplug. As the Decepticons continue to trash the place the Autobots turn up and a fight ensues.
The Decepticons overpower the Autobots thanks to Lugnuts "Super punch" and as the two Decepticon's plan their next move Megatron gets in contact with Lugnut, instructing him to capture the Allspark, in order to reinstate him as leader. The two Decepticons leave, although Blitzwing thinks something is wrong. Lugnut eventually headbuts Blitzwing into the ground, and the two land in an airforce base. As a bunch of humans arrive, lead by Captain Fanzone, Blitzwing and Lugnut trans-scan the local vehicles taking their form as their own.

As the Autobots recover from their earlier whopping, Optimus Prime decides that the only course of action is to fix their ship and leave the Earth, with the Allspark, so the innocent life on the Earth is no longer in danger. Sari hates the idea and refuses to help Ratchet repair the Autobots ship when asked. The Autobots head off to Lake Eerie, where they crashed, but they are soon joined by the Decepticon's Blitzwing and Lugnut. Another fight begins, and eventually all the robots are knocked underwater.
AsAs Ratchet and Sari start work (with the latter being very reluctant) on the Autobot's ship, Optimus, Prowl, Bulkhead and Bumblebee try to keep Blitzwing and Lugnut busy. Sari attempts to sabotage the repair work, so her freinds have to stay on the Earth, but only manages to set off the Allspark, which promptly creates a body for Megatron. As Sari panics she opens the airlock, flooding the ship with water. Ratchet saves here and explains that the Autobots don't want to leave her, but feel it's the only way to save the humans from being hurt. Sari finally understands and helps Ratchet repair the ship, just in time as the other Autobots struggle against the more powerful Decepticons.
Ratchet opens fire on the Decepticon's from the ships main canon (looking very much like the G1 Omega Supreme's tank canon) and blasts the Decepticon's in to pieces.

Time jumps, and the Autobots are back in their base with Sari fixing up Bumblebee. Ratchet explains that fixing the ship will take some time (there are a few hints to suggest there is more to the Autobots ship then meets the eye). Maenwhile Lugnut and Blitzwing struggle to put themselves together. Lugnut blaims himself for failing Megatron, who has now lost contact with the pair. As the large Decepticon calls out for a sign, who should turn up but Starscream. Starscream offers his help so long as Blitzwing and Lugnut swear loyalty to him.

This was yet another great episode of Transformers Animated, and it's always nice to see more of the Decepticon's.

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