Transformers Animated Episode 6
Below you will find over 200 image captures from Transformers Animated episode 6 called Blast From The Past. This episode aired, in the US and Canada, a week after episode 4, no explantion was given, at the time of airing, as to why episode 5 was skipped.

This episode introduces the Dinobots (Grimlock, Snal and Swoop), though only Grimlock speaks and is mentioned by name.

Episode Summary

The episode starts with the Autobots on a trip to Dino-Drive, with Sari, where they learn a little about Dinosaurs. Unforntunatly Bulkhead manages to break some of the robotic models that are on display which then need to be fixed by Issac Sumdac. Following the damage caused by Bulkhead, not only at the park but also on his way there, Prowl decides to try to teach the clumsy Autobot more self-control and co-ordination. Prowl takes Bulkhead to a remote island so there is nothing that can be damaged during his training.

Meanwhile, back at the Sumdac Tower, Megatron makes first-contact with Issac Sumdac tricking him into believing that he, Megatron, is friends with the Autobots. Issac agrees to help fix Megatron and build him a new body with Megatron agreeing to help him fix the robotic Dinosaurs. Issac agrees not to tell the Autobots about Megatron's existance until the "Autobot's old friend" has a new body. The new robotic Dinosaur are unvield at Dino-Drive to a great reception. He dumbs the new robotic beasts "the Dinobots". This reception is cut short, when Megatron sends a remote command to the Dinobots, who are currently sparkless drones, to attack the Autobots. A fight ensures which results in Ratchet and Bumblebee trying to stop the Dinobots with an EMP. Sari's key reacts and she powers-up Bumblebee who's attack finally stops the Dinobots ripping their robotic skin off. The Dinobots are then taken back to Issacs lab.

Megatron complains that the human technology is not going to allow him to create the army of attack-drones that he is after and feels grim being locked in his current state. Upon hearing these words the t-rex speaks for the first time, repeating the words grim lock. Megatron realises that there now appears to be a small spark deep inside the three Dinobots, and tricks them into believing that cars feed on the fossils of Dinosaurs and therefore are their enemies. He tells them that the transforming cars are even worse. The Dinobots break out and another battle begins.

The Autobots defeat the Dinobots by pushing them into a tar-pit, causing them to become trapped. After the battle Issac Sumdac declared his intention to melt the Dinobots down the next day. Prowl is strongly against this as he senses a spark within them. Prime, however, agrees with Issac stating that they are too dangerous and the Autobots leave. The next morning, when Issac comes to collect the Dinobots, he finds that they have mysteriously disappeared. The scene shifts back to the island where Prowl and Bulkhead were training previously only to show the Dinobots happily walking around the inside of a dormant volcano. Prowl and Bulkhead are watching over them as the two secretly freed the Dinobots and bought them to the island so that they may live. Prowl activates a hologram to hide the inside of the volcano and the Dinobots to the outside world. The episode ends with Grimlock transforming into robot form for the first time, complete with Autobot symbol and electro-sword.

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