Derrick Wyatt introduces Decimus Quadrillon to the world of Transformers
July 16th, 2010 09:48:37

Derrick J Wyatt has posted a very cool response to one of the latest questions posed to him on Formspring.  When asked "Who's in charge of financial matters on Animated Cybertron? According to the old STARS Tech Spec Manual, the Autobots were traders at one point, and I'd think a planet not at war would have commerce." Derrick replied with a post that introduces the Transformer Universe to a new character ..... Decimus Quadrillon.

"There is commerce on Cybertron. For a great deal of time before Megatron reappeared, the post Great War has been a time where the Autobots have created many ways to entertain themselves. There are refuelery restaurants, energon bars, shopping arcades with every upgrade you could ever think of, as well as various forms of theater, music, and other entertainment.

There is a commerce guild that is in charge of the credit and energon banks.The head of this guild is Decimus Quadrillon, who is the richest mech on Cybertron. Rumor has it that Decimus' cube shaped headquarters is actually a giant bin containing over 30,000 square standard Cybertronian units of raw energon. There are even some wild and unlikely rumors that he dives into and swims through the energon. An act which would be very damaging on a Cybertronian's inner workings.

The Autobots have a distrust of other alien races (organics and non-organics), and do not engage in much, if any, off world trade in modern times. Cybertron has been invaded, conquered, and nearly conquered at different points throughout its vast history, leaving the Autobots with little care to act with outside civilizations.
" replies Derrick.

Now I'm not sure about you, but I would love to to see how Derrick pictures Decimus now.

Don't forget that if you are in the UK you can meet Derrick first hand by attending Auto Assembly 2010 which takes place next month.

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