Transformers Animated Episode 25: Autobot Camp Summary and images
May 7th, 2008 04:22:09

TFW2005 board member Magmatron has posted a summary of the events which took placed in Transformers Animated Episode 25: Autobot Camp which aired today in Dubai. Below you will find images as well as a cleaned-up / corrected summary.

Transformers Animated Episode 25 Autobot CampTransformers Animated Episode 25 Autobot CampTransformers Animated Episode 25 Autobot CampTransformers Animated Episode 25 Autobot Camp

spoiler warning

The episode begins with Sentinel Prime, on Cybertron, chasing after a traitor who escapes to Earth via a Space-Bridge. Ultra Magnus reports the news to the Autobots on Earth with Bumblebee recognising the traitor as an old friend of his called Wasp, and so decides to go find him along with Bulkhead. At this point the episode switches to a flashback where Bumblebee is watching a broadcast from the Elite Guard telling the new recruits to assemble for a test. He talks to his friend about the tests, and as the pair head off we discover that they are like brothers and made from the same parts. As they arrive they meet up with some other new recruits including Longarm, Ironhide and Bulkhead.

Their instructor arrives and asks the group to show him their abilities. Longarm shows that he canextend his limbs, Ironhide showed he could turn his body to metallic silver and Bumblebee showed off his stingers. The group of new recruits begin their trading during which Cliffjumper has a brief cameo. Also during the training Bumblebee finds a lost transmitter which has a recording of Megatron giving some information to a "traitor". Bumblebee becomes suspicious of everyone, except the fifth robot. When the training exercise goes haywire causing lazers to be fired rather thean paint, Bulkhead has to safe Bumblebee. The camp ends, but the traitor has not been caught

The flashback ends and it turns out that the traitor didn't really jump to Earth, but only pretended too.

The scene shifts once more and shows Megatron talking to the fifth robot from the camp. The robot announces that no-one suspects him and then changes his head revealing that he is, in fact, Shockwave!

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