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Source:Micron Legend Year Book 2003
The "Green Unicron", lucky draw toys was given away to 10 winners of a mail-away competition held in the 2003 Micron Legend Year book. The book was released on the 28th Feburary 2004 and the competition was open until May 31st of the same year. It is believed that the winners were drawn in the October of that year.

The name "Green Unicron" comes from the text on the box used to ship the toy from Takara to the winners of the competition. Is it not printed anywhere else, but due to this, should be considered the official name. The toy has also been referred to as "Unicron of Light" by some fans. This is a reference to the scene in the Micron Legend TV series (Transformers: Armada in the west) where the Mini-cons form a green engery version of Unicron in order to confront their old master. The prize draw is based on this scene.

Interestingly enough, the toy was released packaged in the overseas (ie non-Japanese) insert within a traditional plain Lucky Draw white box. The toys instructions were not included.

We are, currently, not aware of any subsequent lucky draws competitions for the Green Unicron, making him one of the rarest Lucky Draws of the post Beast Wars era.

Due to his size, limited produced quantities and high asking price, you do not offen see this toy for sale.
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